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“Understanding the policy, the politics and the process are essential to success”
  • Unique strategies designed to give your organization an advantage

  • Understanding the policy, the politics and the process are essential to success

  • Building relationships is critical to connecting with the right people at the right time, no matter the issue or the policymaker

  • Decades of experience and cultivated relationships across the political spectrum at all levels of government to produce positive results for your organization

  • Effective lobbying requires an understanding of the process, the policy, and the players  

  • Consulting, lobbying and communications -- my experience, knowledge and associations connect all three

  • Bringing clarity to chaos so you can make well informed decisions

  • The ability to help reach your intended audience in the most effective way

  • Local government bids and projects

  • Political Campaigns
“I often traveled to Tallahassee with Jim, where he was the most well-connected and well received person in Tallahassee that I’ve ever known.  No matter who I met at the Capitol, when they found out I was from Daytona Beach, their next question was, ‘How is my good friend Jim Cameron?’   Not only is he well-known in Tallahassee, he understands the Florida legislative process at a level that only decades of first-hand experience can provide.”
                             Bob Williams, New Smyrna Beach
“During my tenure at Bethune-Cookman University, I have worked extensively with Jim in relation to legislative and local government matters.  He has a grasp of the issues as well as rapport with House and Senate members.”
                                         Aubrey E. Long, PhD, Bethune-Cookman University
“I appreciate Jim’s involvement within our community and his consistent respect for positions and opinions other than his own. He is a good partner as we all work to better our community.”
         Anne Ruby, Beachside Neighborhood Watch
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